Highlights of Bethany’s story

Bethany Vierra Alhaidari and her 5-year-old daughter Zaina returned to Washington State in December of 2019, after nearly two years of being trapped in Saudi Arabia.

Bethany and Zaina are currently back in the U.S. with their family and friends. But they could be separated at any moment if U.S. courts side with Saudi Arabia’s courts. 

And they are not alone — many women and children from the U.S. and around the world are trapped in Saudi Arabia. Why? Because Saudi Arabia’s courts discriminate against women and non-Saudi citizens. Women and children often find themselves stuck in abusive situations due to the severe systemic discrimination against women.

Bethany’s freedom depends on U.S. courts rejecting Saudi Arabia’s broken system. But right now, U.S. courts treat Saudi court decisions as legitimate.

U.S. courts must protect their basic rights and freedoms, and guard them from further discrimination, abuse, and neglect. It is time for U.S. elected officials to protect U.S. citizens and their children from foreign court systems that engrain religious, cultural, and gender discrimination into their legal system.

Please click here to contribute to Bethany and Zaina’s GoFundMe for their legal expenses.